in a perfect sky
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April 14th 2013 - April 14th 2014
From calling him a brotha from anotha motha to the sexiest man in the world. 
"Rocky hacked my phone" Whatever floats your boat, Rydel. Whatever floats it.
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#loudertour @rydelr5 @ratliffr5
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We love you #r5familycanada #loudertour
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My ship
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@rauraandauslly on instagram (me)😋❤️ on We Heart It.
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Raura is perfection <3 on <a href=”http://weheartit.com/entry/110795466/via/nikkiolivs?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=image_share&utm_source=tumblr”>We Heart It.
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We gotta keep on voting! I’ve been voting for R5 on Twitter and on the official RDMAs website. So, all you gotta do is go on Twitter and use the hashtags (depending on the category). You also have to include ‘@radiodisney and #RDMAs’! Please check out the voting rules and make sure that you’re voting properly. R5 is going against 1D and Emblem Three. Emblem Three isn’t much of a threat, but 1D is. Right now we’re waaay ahead of them, but they’re catching up! You can check the hashtags here. That’s about the best band category. I think we should have a backup plan. If R5 really doesn’t win in the best band category, then we should at least make them win in one of these categories. Just think about it… R5 is nominated in three categories and they don’t win any? That’d be awful. So let’s make ‘em win. To me, it’s the simplest to vote on the RDMAs website, but I’m also on Twitter. So, it’s more votes. Make sure you vote in all three categories! Tweet, retweet and quote so it’s more votes! 
Please spread the word so people can see it. A lot of people aren’t voting properly! Keep on voting, R5 Family! We can sooo do this. :D

Sorry for tagging this in the categories that this post shouldn’t really be in, but I just wanna make sure people see this. So, please, reblog/like this post so I see that people have seen and read this post. :) Thank you. 
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for everyone currently having auslly/raura withdrawals. I FEEL YOU🙋 my edit💕 give credit😉 #raura #auslly #austinally #austinandally #lauramarano #rosslynch #trez #austinallyS4